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Featured by Linden Lab/Second Life

Uppdaterat: 10 nov. 2023

Today we are featured by Linden Lab/ Second Life. We worked hard on this video last month and now it is finally here.

If you don't know much about me, my story and the background of Forget ME not, this should give you more insight. Hope you like it!

They also wrote a blog to go with it: Feel free to share.

My heartfelt thanks to LL/Second Life for featuring. And to video producer Draxtor Despres - thank you so very much for your patience with me through this process and for adapting to my disabilites so that this was possible. Many thanks to those who did voice-overs for our patient stories, and to those in the Welcome area who jumped right in to help out with that particular scene. Thank you so much to my friends at Virtuoso for taking part in the dance scene.

Forever grateful ♥

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