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The Forget ME not Fair launching

We were delighted to launch the very first Forget ME not Fair in Second Life during August 8 - August 29, to mark the "Severe M.E Day". We are proud to say this is the first shopping event of its kind in Second Life, and hope it encourages others to create their own events to raise awareness about M.E and fundraise towards research.

All designers of the Fair created at least one exclusive item, all blue, with 100% of proceeds going to Open Medicine Foundation. Non exclusive items donated between 25-75% of proceeds.

We raised a total of 54,605 Lindens in this Fair, which after fees resulted in 210 US dollars donated to our friends at OMF to speed up M.E research.

Check out this video to see all of our amazing designers and supporters and their items we had for sale!

Warm thanks to everyone who was involved in any way, shape or form during this Fair. Thanks to all of you it was a success. Let's do this again next year!

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