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Proudly presenting our performers for May: the global M.E Awareness Month 2024

đŸŽšđŸŽ¶ Mark your calendars for May! đŸŽ¶đŸŽš

May is the International M.E Awareness Month, and at "Forget ME not" we're gearing up for a month-long celebration like no other! Join us for our virtual Arts & crafts exhibit, where we'll showcase the incredible talent of individuals living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E) and raise awareness about this often misunderstood illness.

Every Saturday in May you'll also be able to enjoy live music performances by some of Second Life's premier musicians, who are all kindly dedicating their time, talents and hearts to support this important cause.

Please enjoy reading below as we present these amazing performers, and make sure to follow us on socials to stay updated on dates/times and the landmark once we open on

May 4th (we'll also do our best to Live stream these shows to our YouTube channel).

At Forget ME not: May 4 @ 12 PM

Rulie Cisse

Rulie Cisse is a Japanese pianist who is dedicated to delivering live, real-time improvised music with high quality sound, and has been performing internationally on the internet.

She presents "healing concerts" where the audience can relax and safely participate in a place of their choice, occasionally participating in improvisational collaborations with art, photography, and dance. She has been performing live in Second Life since 2010, and her motto is "No Live, No Life".

∙ Links ∙

【YouTube - Rulie CisseăƒăƒŁăƒłăƒăƒ«ă€‘


[Rulie Cisseć…ŹćŒăƒ–ăƒ­ă‚° Official Blog]



At Forget ME not: May 4 @ 1 PM

Radio LaLa

"I started DJin in January 2023.

I originally got a stream earlier, to be able to play music for my dance choreography.

Then I decided to try to DJ as backup to see what it was like, covering other DJs when they weren't available.

Since then, I've been DJing at Playdolls, where shortly thereafter I got my own show every Tuesday. I also have done sound for weddings and parties for friends, and am often requested to play after our Debauche dance show at Teulu Breedables.

Sincerely, Laura18 Streeter - Radio LaLa

(the name is a play on the Queen song "Radio Gaga" as Lala is my nickname)"

At Forget ME not: May 4 @ 2 PM

Mimi Carpenter

Known for her distinctively gentle, French lilt, Mimi Carpenter's talent as a self-taught musician has graced the Second Life music scene for more than a decade. As her presence and talent grew, so too did her repertoire of covers and originals. Mimi’s extensive song list doesn't just highlight the eclectic tastes and influences upon her development as an artist, which includes rock, indie and pop. The inclusion of English, French, and German language songs reflect the travels and experiences living throughout Europe and abroad.

∙ Links ∙

At Forget ME not: May 11 @ 1 PM

LiTo DJ Team

Lizzy Swordthain (DJ Lizzy) and Tom Willis (Mr M.T.) have been successful solo DJs in Secondlife for some time. They met in 2023 and performed as a DJ duo for the first time as part of an exhibition opening at LiThO. From there, their journey together continued apace. Requests for various charity events (WeOrangeTheWorld, International Womansday) and events such as the Hippiestock Festival as well as within various galleries/clubs such as the Psylounge or "The Refuge Club" ensured that this dynamic duo quickly became known. Artists such as Paris Obscur also rely on them as "warmuppers".

LiTo, derived from the two first names of Lizzy & Tom, stands for music that moves the heart, head and feet. LiTo can draw on a wealth of knowledge of various musical genres.

Music styles:


- 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s (Classics)


- trance


- industrial

- electro

- darkwave

- SynthPop

- Specials

Thanks to a special technology, it is possible to broadcast the set together on one stream, even though they live in different locations. Switching between the streams is not necessary and the transitions are seamless. You can also listen to them from outside SL and get in touch via Discord.



- We Orange The World SL

- International Womansday

- Hippistock Festival

- LiTho - The Tiny Artist Cafe

- HeArt&Soul - Gallery

- The Refuge Club

- TTLF - Trip the Light Fantastic

- NightLife - Club

- PsyGallery

- Paris Obscur - WarmUpper & Aftershow

Both continue to work as solo DJs for various clubs and events.

If you want to know more about us, follow us:


∙ Links ∙

At Forget ME not: May 11 @ 2 PM

Tally Mercury

Tally Mercury is an Indie ambient pop artist. He's also known as a singer/songwriter performing acoustic shows in SL since 2011. He has a 20 year history as a performer meandering through the UK and abroad. Tally is a storyteller with a sound that is both soothing and powerful. He does a wide range of songs that span genre and time. Some of his choices are recognizable and some will be songs you've not heard before, but all are guaranteed to be memorable. Tally has a distinct style that keeps bringing people back.

∙ A note from Tally ∙

"Music is my life. It saved me from the darkest days of my life. I breathe through my music - my shows are full of emotion and each song, even if I did not write it, has some part of me in it! I am friendly and love meeting new people - never be scared to IM me and say hello! I am not elitist about myself - I am just another human who has found something to do that makes people happy!"

∙ Links ∙







At Forget ME not: May 11 @ 3 PM

Frank Atisso

"Creativity is the catalyst to the future...

I am a lover of the arts and music is one of the most beautiful works of art. Quirky rhythms, off-beat tunes, mesmerizing melodies and songs with creative structures are what I look for and crave for in music. Live Mixing - All genres of House & Techno. Apart from this, I also enjoy a lot of Alternative/Indie, Post Punk, Dark Wave, Cold Wave and Electronic music.

Contact me directly for playing at your club/gallery/event.


- AmandaT Tamatzui Gallery

- Artoozy Lounge & Isness Gallery

- Artsville

- Petite Industrial Gallery

- SLEA Sky Galleries"

At Forget ME not: May 18 @ 2 PM


Astoria has been a DJ in virtual worlds since 2009. She has performed hundreds of events, including in-character themed events for fantasy and medieval roleplay groups. Her roots are in classic and prog rock but in recent years she has expanded her playlists to embrace world music, including belly dancing, celtic, pagan, and tribal themes. Currently she hosts weekly themed events in her corner of the fantasy Kingdom of Alurel.

At Forget ME not: May 18 @ 3 PM

Frogg Marlowe

Frogg Marlowe is a singer/songwriter performing original music with a selection of some of his favorite covers. Frogg has been performing in Second Life since 2005 as one half of the popular live performing duo. Usually playing evenings with his friend Jay on piano, he's now returning to the grid as a solo artist, bringing old and new songs, covers and originals. With a background blend of vocal jazz and sincerity, he's a calm oasis in a storm. His long career as a musician have been a rich, inspirational road of songwriting and storytelling and he brings that experience and passion for music to share.

∙ Links ∙

At Forget ME not: May 18 @ 4 PM

Gardo Sky

Gardo is a high energy performer with a wide range of music interests. He has a love for pop music from the 80s onwards. He also loves classic and alternative rock as well as some heavier bands such as Kiss and Metallica etc. He sings and plays guitar and has a voice that can go from smooth to edgy. What you get when you have Gardo at your venue is a performer who can get the party going or give you the chills with incredible classics. Most of all he wants the audience to have fun and includes them in his performance throughout.

Covers from his extensive song list will include: Audioslave, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Queen, Coldplay, Eric Clapton, Ed Sheeran, Mike And The Mechanics, Gary Moore, ToTo, Journey, George Michael, Richard Marx, Nirvana, Kiss, Joe Cocker, Kansas, Mr Big, Metallica, Van Halen and so much more.

∙ Links ∙

At Forget ME not: May 25 @ 1 PM


"I'm just me ... was born a never ending dreamer and will forever be ...

All my life my biggest dream was to become a singer, but I never tried. I'm so happy finally SL gave me opportunity to sing and to share my passion for music, life, love and art with all you here.

When I sing I'm above the Earth with my feet. I can express myself through music.

I sing various genres, from pop, soft rock, country, oldies, blues, jazz, musicals, Disney ... and i sing everything with my heart. I always give best of me, I do everything best I can. I love every second on SL stages! it's simply amazing!"

Tay ♄

“It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing.

It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive.«

Oriah Mountain Dreamer

At Forget ME not: May 25 @ 2 PM


DJ Nefastia is only one half of the team, together with Pilopé, running the Inworld party location ## Timewave City ## in Second Life. They are a duo creating locations and having parties at their parcel every Thursday. Their concept is to have a DIFFERENT LOCATION with tunes fitting to the location EVERY THURSDAY 11 AM SLT in Timewave City. So it is always kind of a THEME PARTY to dress for,in a fitting environment. Mostly darker and harder electronic genres like Industrial , Dark Electro , EBM and Futurepop are to expect but they also have Metal , NDH , Dark Rock and other guitar related genres when it fits. Always check out the weekly preview picture on Facebook or Discord to get an idea for the upcoming Thursday-Party,dress up and join the fun !

Every now and then there are special theme parties too, like romantic nights, Punk parties or the memory lane back to the 80s on roller skates or ice skates!

They welcome everyone! They don't tolerate intolerance against anyone!

LGBTQIA+ welcome, Furries welcome , "Normies" welcome !

They only have 3 rules : be tolerant , be dressed and have fun :)

Check them out !

Links and additional info :

Pilopé = Vana and Nefastia = Streuner ( Club Creators and Host + DJ )

Group in Second Life : secondlife:///app/group/ec4921ac-3029-b976-6453-ddb15a9f4c13/about

Check out former sets :

At Forget ME not: May 25 @ 3 PM

Angelikus Deo

ANGELIKUS DEO is a vocalist in RL and when she steps up to that mic you will be wow'ed. From the music of Korn to Oasis to Jewel, Angelikus Deo has talents and skills that will make you a fan.

Beautiful performer from the amazing voice that soars through octaves like a hot knife through butter... come listen to this lovely lady as she shares her awesome talent with us...

This professional singer and underground rocker has been performing in RL since 2011. Angelikus brings serious skills and talents to the stages of SL and once you've heard her, you won't forget the power of her voice. From an acoustic cover to a powerhouse ballad, this lady has the ability to reach inside and grab you with her voice.

∙ Links ∙

-Discord Name - angelikusdeo#3011

-The Sound of Angelikus Deo -

We once again give a massive heartfelt thanks to all these wonderful musicians who will help us make this very special awareness month even more special ♄

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