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Patient Exhibit

Are you an ME patient? Take part in our exhibit and help us raise awareness about M.E.



We are collecting materials from ME patients who would like to join us in raising awareness. This is an exhibit in Second Life (a virtual 3D platform) for visitors to come and see and learn about the disease. It will also be shared on our Facebook page for even more awareness. You do NOT need to have a Second Life account to be able to participate.

The exhibit was launched in May of 2023.

Note: This is a continuous project and new submissions will be added as we receive them.

We would love to hear from patients from all age groups, all severity levels of the disease and from all parts of the world!

To participate please fill out the form below. Your submission will be reviewed and posted as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping us raise awareness about M.E.

Take part in the exhibit
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We have received your submission! Thank you for participating!

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