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Arts & Crafts Exhibit

Are you affected by ME and have art to share? Let us showcase your endeavors in our virtual exhibit.



For the M.E awareness month in May of 2024, we would like to raise awareness by shining a light on your creative endeavors. Whether your art is brand new or an older piece from before you got sick, we would love to showcase it. This is another chance for you to be seen and heard. We believe that art is foundational to activism and awareness. It is able to tell a story, go beyond the rational and touch us emotionally on a deeper level.

Anyone who identifies as being affected by M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) can take part. Your severity level does not matter.



Where will my art be displayed?

> Your art and crafts will be displayed in a gallery online (where it will stay forever) which will be easy to scroll through at your convenience.


> There will also be a compilation video to be shared on socials.


> We will also showcase as many pieces as we have space for in the virtual world of Second Life during the month of May (hopefully also during the Second Life birthday celebrations in July, fingers crossed!)

reaching an even larger audience.

As always, people who visit the gallery will also have the opportunity to donate towards the important M.E research in support of Open Medicine Foundation.




You may submit TWO (2) pieces of art/crafts in total. Please use the form below to submit them one by one. Please only submit one file per item.


This can be graphic art, a short film, poetry, something you knitted or sculptured, a song you wrote or anything else that falls under the arts and crafts spectrum. Your work does not have to relate to M.E, it can be anything.

If you submit a video, it should be no longer than 6 minutes or less for our compilation video.

If it is longer the full video will be published in the gallery.

If your video exists on YouTube, Vimeo or similar - please provide the URL in the form - otherwise, use the Upload button to send us your file.

IMPORTANT: We can not display any copyrighted work, so please make sure that you own the rights and only submit your original work.

We ask that you fill out some information in the form: your name - this can be your first name, first and last, anonymous or a screen name if you wish. How long you have had M.E (in years or months). And finally the title of your art/crafts. This will all be displayed together with your art/crafts.


We look forward to seeing your creative talents, please submit in the form below.

Take part in the exhibit
Upload image
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We have received your submission! Thank you for participating!

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