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"Forget ME not This Christmas" - a success!

Our first annual Christmas concert "Forget ME not This Christmas" was a success!

A big thank you to everyone who was there and spent time with us. Thank you dear Tay for singing so beautifully, and DJ Nefastia for the great fun tunes.

Thank you all donors! In only 2 hours we raised 34616 Lindens (approx. US$ 134.23) for the Open Medicine Foundation. THANK YOU for giving the gift of HOPE to so many M.E patients, and for not forgetting about us this Christmas.

Thank you to all our generous sponsors for the amazing gifts under our tree! PurpleMoon / BE BOLD / KiB Designs / Peechy. / Kim's Kreations / -Extra- / and PEACE.

You all made this so special and your support means everything 💙

Our Winter Wonderland will stay open until the end of January, and the gifts stay under the tree at least until new years. So make sure you go pick them up if you haven't yet! Donation kiosks stay up as well, so if you missed out on the event you can still contribute if you wish! Landmark: 

Finally, if you missed the concert you can still watch our live stream here, now in HD:


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