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NOW OPEN: Forget ME not's Winter Wonderland

Welcome to Forget ME not's Winter Wonderland in the virtual world of Second Life, built especially for the season!

Come warm up with a hot cocoa, coffee if that's your thing, cookies and candy canes, in our cozy little café. You will also find a few posing opportunities for your photos. If you need a mistletoe for an excuse, we have one of those too ;)

On December 23 we are having "Forget ME not This Christmas" - a Christmas concert to benefit Open Medicine Foundation - leading research of ME/CFS, Long COVID, Fibromyalgia and related chronic conditions. We hope you would like to join us, support and enjoy! There will also be GIFTS for you under the tree from our generous sponsors.

Forget ME not aims to raise awareness about the serious and life changing illness ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) which affects millions of people around the globe. Children and adults. If you take a peek in the little gingerbread huts in our Winter Wonderland, each of them has a patient story inside from our patient exhibit, explaining in their own words what living with M.E is like.

The huts are also decorated to display a typical living environment for a person with M.E - a bedroom with medicine bottles on the nightstand, headphones for silence, a sleep mask to protect our eyes against light, and in some cases a mobility aid. Many of us live in here each passing day.

This is a call to awaken your own awareness, and we ask that you please "forget ME not" this Christmas, because most of us are unable to join the festivities. We are so limited in our daily lives and the holidays are no exception. We never get a break. The truth is, all we want for Christmas is a cure. So if you choose to make a donation, know that we are deeply grateful for your gift of HOPE.

If you'd like to see more of our patient exhibit, visit our main venue. Please use the teleporter to get around. You may also view them on our Facebook page.

We hope you enjoy this Winter Wonderland as much as we do, and hope to see you soon! Wishing you happy holidays!

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